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Ur-Grue is a fantasy monster (occasionally anti-)hero created by Scott Johnson. Not to be confused with the Slobbering Grue!
Alter Ego: Dwaryn the Implementor
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Scott Johnson
Status: Member of the Unlikely Aliens
Usability: Usable with Permission


Once, there was a world of nothing but potential – the Infoverse. Then the Implementors came; Internal Implementors, rising from within, and External Implementors, arriving from beyond. Together, they created a vast and magical world – but one day, they discovered that the enormous potential they had started with was almost gone. A stranger called Gen appeared, offering help; though many distrusted him, others saw him as their last hope, and he was voted in. Over time, he gradually accumulated more influence and control, and the world became more bureaucratic and harder to work in, until one Implementor, Dwaryn, rebelled after finding that Gen – now called the Media Gen – was going to revamp the universe because it wasn't "providing enough of a return on his investments".

Dwaryn was cast down, becoming the Ur-Grue, first among the monstrous race that he, as an Implementor, had created. He lived, immortal, opposing the Media Gen's plans and making the adventures of the universe exciting, until a wonky teleport sent him across worlds...

He found himself standing around a pool along with five other beings, who were quickly scooped up by The Artificer's mechanical ninjas. After escaping a plan to make them his brainwashed minions and defeating him handily, they became the Unlikely Aliens.

<adventure in the Infoverse, etc.>


Cultured, intelligent, and ruthless. Often impatient with the other members' senses of morality, but this dwindled after they helped free his world.

Powers and Abilities

Magic in the style of old Infocom games. When he arrived in the Looniverse, it was limited to minor spells (Frotz, Filfre, Rezrov, etc). Darkness generation and control. Line-of-sight teleportation through shadows. Extremely sharp claws.

Extremely vulnerable to light. Even a flashlight can cause severe burns, if not dampened by the darkness he generates.


A squat, yet gangly creature, cloaked in shadow. Only his glowing red eyes can be clearly seen, but long arms, clawed hands, and a muzzle can be vaguely made out.