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Wyrd is a hero created by Scott Johnson.
Alter Ego: Unrevealed
Aliases: High Wire
Primary Writer: Scott Johnson
Status: Member of the Unlikely Aliens
Usability: Usable With Permission


Born in a cyberpunk future, the woman known as Wyrd (she refuses to reveal her real name) was left on the doorstep of an orphanage at the age of one and a half. She busted out at the age of seven along with her friend Wyre. They scrounged their way on the streets for nine years before joining a freelance ops team, the YZ Guys (whose members all had the letter Y or Z in their handles). On a mission to steal a pair of mysterious armbands, she put them on, was knocked off a roof, and activated the plaid energy spheres that sent her into the Looniverse.

She found herself standing around a pool along with five other beings, who were quickly scooped up by The Artificer's mechanical ninjas. After escaping a plan to make them his brainwashed minions and defeating him handily, they became the Unlikely Aliens.


Snarky, cynical, streetwise and world-weary. Somewhat amoral. Fiercely defensive of friends and allies.

Powers and Abilities

Her armbands are capable of generating spheres of various forms of energy which can be launched in any direction desired. The current list of known forms includes:

  • Red - Thermal. Explodes into a fireball.
  • Blue - Electric.
  • White - Sonic.
  • Green - Kinetic.
  • Purple - Gravitic.
  • Plaid - Seemingly random effects. Rarely used.

Skilled at breaking and entering, acrobatics, and self-defense.


A young, black-haired woman wearing red transparent glasses and a black leather jacket over a dark red and black bodysuit. On her arms, she wears thin metal armbands covered in circuitry and component cases.