Pack Rat

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Pack Rat is a hero created by Scott Johnson.
Alter Ego: K'Pak of the Clan T'Skrae
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Scott Johnson
Status: Member of the Unlikely Aliens
Usability: Usable With Permission


Pack Rat grew up on the planet K'Tark, in Alpha Warren; a nice, safe place, but far too regimented and ordered for his tastes. Hearing tales of adventure out among the stars, he built himself a suit of armor out of scavenged parts. Unfortunately, the last part was scavenged from the Prince-King himself. Leaving in haste, he ended up freebooting across the galaxy, getting into and out of one scrape after another. One of these escapes involved a malfunctioning time belt, which popped him straight into the Looniverse.

He found himself standing around a pool along with five other beings, who were quickly scooped up by The Artificer's mechanical ninjas. After escaping a plan to make them his brainwashed minions and defeating him handily, they became the Unlikely Aliens.


Snarky, easygoing, fun-loving. Highly intelligent, and slightly alien.

Powers and Abilities

Suit of multi-function power armor. Has a wide variety of equipment, but most of it is in poor repair. Able to scavenge from any situation extremely well.


Wears a set of power armor with many gadgets, gizmos, and weapons attached in various places. Each part of the armor appears to come from a different suit. Constantly changes as he upgrades and replaces various parts; his appearance underneath the armor is never seen, though according to his history, it should be organic.