Zagyg Ygraine

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Zagyg Ygraine is a hero created by Scott Johnson.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Scott Johnson
Status: Member of the Unlikely Aliens
Usability: Usable with permission


Zagyg Ygraine was born the son of a barbarian warrior and an elvish sorceress who'd hated each other until an accident involving a wizard's tower, a cauldron half-full of love potion, a fireball, and about fifty pounds of explosives. When he began learning magic, he summoned Skyrunner as his wisecracking familiar and hooked up with a band of adventurers trying to solve a series of murders. They found the culprit, but his magical tome exploded and sent the two of them into another universe. This was by no means the last inter-universal trip they made, spending six years subjective time having an incredible series of coincidences that culminated in falling through the Glass-Bottomed Boat of Worlds.

He found himself standing around a pool along with Skyrunner and four other beings, who were quickly scooped up by The Artificer's mechanical ninjas. After escaping a plan to make them his brainwashed minions and defeating him handily, they became the Unlikely Aliens.



Charismatic, chivalrous, and flamboyant.

Powers and Abilities

Is a Spellsinger; that is, one who creates magical effects through music. The more of a tune there is to the music, the more powerful the effect, and the more coherent the lyrics are, the more controlled it is. Also a skilled fencer.


A young man with metallic red hair, dressed garishly in red pants and jacket, yellow shirt, blue boots, and a wide-brimmed red hat. Wears a rapier and a synthesizer over his shoulder.