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Hybrid is a hero created by Scott Johnson.
Alter Ego: Hybrid Cockroach
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Scott Johnson
Status: Member of the Unlikely Aliens
Usability: Usable With Permission


Hybrid Cockroach designed in a laboratory by his father, Treacherous Cockroach, in the labs of Illuminati University. He was raised in a virtual reality world; of course, he didn't realize it until it was turned off and the only people who turned out to be real were his father and his assistant. Stranded in this strange new world and not dealing with it too well, he took the only obvious course of action: travel to other strange new worlds, as his father embarked on a project to explore alternate universes. The first trip out landed him in FurryMUCK, which he quite enjoyed; the second had him end up in the Looniverse, which was more troublesome.

He found himself standing around a pool along with five other beings, who were quickly scooped up by The Artificer's mechanical ninjas. After escaping a plan to make them his brainwashed minions and defeating him handily, they became the Unlikely Aliens.


A gentle peacemaker. Generally acts as a moral compass for others. Total pacifist; will not prevent others from using violence, but will never willingly hurt another being of any kind.

Powers and Abilities

Strong and durable. Chitinous armor on forearms, shins, and back. Short-term flight via beetle wings.

Can reprogram the underlying code of reality. (Takes time increasing with the complexity of the reprogramming, and is currently limited to simple, generic objects.) Has a mini-computer in his upper left bracer that helps with this.


Six-foot-tall four-armed anthropomorphic tiger/beetle crossbreed. Looks tiger-ish other than his chitinous wingcase, faceted green irises, and natural bracers of chitin. Smells like a custard cream pie.