They Might Be Villains

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A team of villains from the Raiders Universe. Constellation, as Flood, was once a member, but was imprisoned and tortured by his Evil Twin, and only escaped due to having an Origin.

In the end, the Curseworld version of Lord Ebon took over Chesspiece Face, sent Mister Horrible and the Ugliness Men to attack the LNHQ, and murdered Lucky Ball and Chain, Triangle Man, and Mister Claw in revenge for Constellation's thwarting of his plans.

They Might Be Villains Mountain was created by Constellation in remembrance of them.


From Dave's art site: Technically pre-LNH, since this was from my college Champions campaign and drawn in January 1992, but this is basically the team that showed up in the origin of Constellation. 1/5/92.