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Constellation is a metahuman hero created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: Floyd Johnsson / Dot (George Kallen)
Aliases: Flood
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Former member of the LNH (Classic Team) (retired), former member of the Secret Dvanders, former member of They Might Be Villains
Usability: Reserved


Originally, he was a minor supervillain named Flood in a non-Net reality. His team, They Might Be Villains, migrated to the Looniverse as a way out of jail – but along the way, his soul was split. His own evil twin was created, locking him away until he merged with Dot and escaped to the Astral Plane.

Despite reservations, he was pulled into being a hero, helping the Raiders against Lord Ebon, and joining Sig.Lad and Particle Man to form the Secret Dvanders. But he wasn't entirely sure of this new role, spending his spare time exploring reality. Lord Ebon sought revenge, attacking the LNHQ and killing They Might Be Villains to torment Constellation. Constellation drove Ebon out of reality, but in Looniverse Adrift!, he was manipulated by Master Workload, pulled into a grand conflict that involved Workload, Ebon, and cosmic powers. At the end, with Flood's personality withdrawn, Dot took over and stopped Ebon permanently, sealing him in an inescapable time loop.

Feeling rather angsty and directionless, Constellation tried to emigrate to the Patrol Universe – only to find out that his powers were inherently incompatible with the Patrollers'. He returned to the Looniverse even angstier, having angry conversations about pain with Sig.Lad and, during the Robot Invasion, with Spartacus – shortly before having to decide Squid Boy's destiny! Worried about the consequences of his choice, Flood was gobsmacked when Dot made a revelation – she'd recovered memories of a past life as a man, and had become female in this life because that was how he thought of her. He reacted badly to having accidentally manipulated yet another person's destiny (and to the gender issues involved), and Dot withdrew.

Constellation drifted, engaging listlessly with the Dvanders until he ended a plot halfway through and retreated to the Astral Realm. Eventually, he faced his darkest aspects head-on, and realized how stupid he'd been to reject the love that was right in front of him. Flood and Dot appeared together in front of the LNH and joined truly as one, leaving the Looniverse to explore reality together.

Constellation has since been seen sporadically in other realities.


Wracked with major bouts of angst during his career. Currently, at peace with himself (themselves) and eager to explore his place in reality.

Powers and Abilities

Vast powers over the very fabric of reality. Has created what seemed to be an entire universe out of the raw substance of interdimensional space. Flood originally possessed the power to flood an area, then merged with the disembodied spirit of Dot and gained powers including dimension travel, ability to create simple matter out of Astral matter, flight, intangibility and a powerful "comet sword" capable of shattering large meteors.


From Dave Van Domelen's kitbash site, June 2019.

A humanoid figure of medium height, covered completely in a star field. Normally has one very bright star over the left eye.