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VAMMO Woman is a RACCelestial Madonna created by wReam.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Onomato-Puweeah Person (and many variations thereof)
Primary Writer: None
Status: Exploring the universe with Myk-El
Usability: Free for Use


Much of Onomato-Puweeah Person's history is unknown. She appeared from wReamic chaos around the time of the Cry.Sig and defeated All-Knowing Last-Chance Whiner Destiny Woman with the power of a sound effect bubble.

She joined the LNH at some point, but was discontented with her role as a one-note gag character without much of a personality. In Jungle Cheesecake she made a deal with Lagneto to transform herself using the Rung of Revamp. He led her to the Rung and with its power she became... VAMMO Woman!

"Now I am the sole proprietor and user of the one singular sound effect! I am VAMMO WOMAN! And I am the master of "VAMMO!" I am no longer BORING I am the essence of the soundeffect! I am VAMMO!"

As VAMMO Woman, she became a net.villain in hope of more exposure. She battled the LNH as part of a net.villain group gathered by Psykeye, but rejoined to rescue Kid Kirby from prison.

When Retcon Hour came around, she was summoned to the Net.ropolis Bandshell to participate in the RACCelestial Madonna Pageant. She won the Pageant and gained the power to defeat the Time Crapper alongside an alternate-timeline, heroic Myk-El. The two of them went off together to explore the Looniverse.

In her office as the Madonna, she carried out various universe-monitoring and protecting duties. When Chaos Theory altered the timeline to keep the Looniverse from becoming less Dramatic than Real Life, she was the one who brought it to the attention of the cosmic entities; and when Kid Occultism Kid convinced them that it must be kept Comedic as well, she joined in altering it further and shunting the excess Drama to Earth-Combover.

At the end of Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!...


Impetuous and ambitious, she was frustrated by her limitations as a "one-note" gag character and would do anything to transcend them. Ironically, by the end of Jungle Cheesecake, it was clear she did have a personality after all, even before she took the Rung of Revamp.

She became a lot calmer and more serene after exploring the universe for a while, but under the surface, her passionate fire is still strong.

Powers and Abilities

As Onomato-Puweeah Person, she had power over all sound effects. As VAMMO Woman, she embodied the essence of a single sound effect. (VAMMO!)

As the RACCelestial Madonna, has vaguely defined cosmic powers, but still invokes her sound effect on a regular basis.


As Onomato-Puweeah Person, she was pretty generic and undistinguished. As VAMMO Woman, she became significantly more "shapely and dynamic". (It's been implied that these were the same rubenesque figure, but in the latter case, carried with confidence.)

As the RACCelestial Madonna, dresses in a gown of moonlight, and carries a dreamlike atmosphere with her.


VAMMO Woman didn't really fit into the LNH's world, unable to find a place for herself either as a hero or as a villain. Perhaps that was why she went off with Myk-El, who faced similar struggles. Her best friend on the LNH was Sister State-the-Obvious, who consistently supported her.