Sister State-the-Obvious

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Sister State-the-Obvious is a net.hero created by wReam.
Alter Ego: wReanna
Aliases: Sister Sexy, Evil and Mad as Hell
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH
Usability: Free For Use


wReanna was a member of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains until the first Romantic Innuendo paired her off with Ultimate Ninja. After the effects of Romantic Innuendo's power wore off, she had little memory of that time. She has been a stalwart member of the Legion ever since.

Eventually, she became the object of Master Blaster's affections. They got married and had a kid. After cosmic events, their marriage and child were erased from general usability; afterward, Sister State-the-Obvious struggled to find her place in the LNH, old, repressed frustrations resurfacing.

Doctor Stomper offered Sister State-the-Obvious a place as his lab assistant, and she accepted. Feeling grew between them, but during the second Valentine's Day Ball, the second Romantic Innuendo unleashed those repressed frustrations, transforming her into Sister Sexy, Evil and Mad as Hell! It was only Doctor Stomper's confession of his true feelings that brought her back, and afterwards, they started dating.

Without much fanfare, the two got engaged. When Doctor Stomper was lost in the Deep Omnilooniverse, Sister State-the-Obvious worked tirelessly with Mashup Laq to bring him back, and once he'd returned, her perceptiveness helped in the battle against UltraKiwi Wondersock.

Powers and Abilities

Sister State-the-Obvious sees and states the obvious.


She can be somewhat ditzy and surface-focused; on the other hand, she always notices and usually points out the things other people should notice, but don't.

Has an abiding interest in classic Frank Capra movies.


She is a redhead, but is otherwise undescribed. Cut her hair short for a time after the divorce.


She was one of the few close friends of VAMMO Woman during her time in the LNH. She currently works as Doctor Stomper's lab assistant, and is also his fiancee, often working with his other assistant Mashup Laq.

Her alternate-universe counterparts include Self-Evident Sis of the Rosterverse.