It's All In the Timing

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It's All In the Timing is a storyline in issues #26 to 32 of the Classic LNH anthology series LNH Comics Presents, focused on Bad-Timing Boy and written by Jessica "Jaelle" Ihimaera-Smiler.


Bad-Timing Boy is a happy-go-lucky sort, despite his innate lack of luck. But when Good-Timing Girl appears, identifying him as the evil one whose powers are destroying her native world of Valhal, can a switch in time save nine? Synchronicity! Sensibility! Sensitivity! And Frank!

(Meanwhile, see Culinary Disasters for what's happening back at home!)

Where to Read

It can be read in the main LNH Comics Presents directory on the Eyrie Archive, over here.

It was also been reposted as part of Arthur Spitzer's "Classic LNH Adventures":