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Earth-Combover was a divergent bubble reality, created by the RACCelestial Madonna and Chaos Theory to isolate the Real World tensions that were throwing off the balance of Drama and Comedy in Looniverse-A.

It was a world where the Presidential election of 2016 had happened in parallel with the Real World's version, where in 2020, the Combover-Thing was in office and a dreadful plague ravaged the land. In theory, it had a divergent version of the entire population of the Loonivearth; however, only those who appeared in a story would actually experience it, and when it collapsed, their timelines would merge with the main Looniverse's, meaning most would never have to experience it at all.

Of course, there were several shenanigans that made it look like that world would stabilize or even overwrite the main timeline; however, thankfully, it collapsed in the end.