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The Time Crapper is a net.villain created by Jef Kolodziej. See also other versions of the Time Crapper.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Active net.villain, at least at some points in his personal history
Usability: Free For Use


Once, there was a young man who fell in love with a girl named Tamela. To be who he thought she wanted, thought she needed, he became the Time Crapper. And then... things got messy...

The Time Crapper's first chronological appearance was during the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, where he sought the the Ring of Retcon. He acquired it from The Looker, who claimed that it was part of a system of "checks and balances" against the Cosmic Plot Device.

When the Crossover Queen attacked during Cry.Sig, the Time Crapper assembled a net.villain army to storm H'yyydde'uz. While she was distracted by them and by the LNH, he attempted to take the Crossover Gem from her. However, her power overwhelmed him, and with a last-ditch self-destruction attack, he seemed to die – even as other events ensured a new version would be born...

He was back with no explanation during Retcon Hour, and engaged on a plot to unify and conquer all timelines, turning Contraption Man evil. Unfortunately, his post-Cry.Sig counterpart was messing with his plans, tricking Contraption Man into creating gadgets and changing the timeline for him. Even more unfortunately, Contraption Man's true master, wReamicus Maximus, was screwing with everyone. He threw both Crappers' plans into disarray. Eventually, the post-Cry.Sig Crapper took the initiative and merged with the original (an unpleasant fate to say the least!), forming a single entity – but before they could take revenge on wReamicus, Myk-El came to take revenge on them. The Crappers had almost defeated him when the RACCelestial Madonna appeared, sealing them away inside a port-a-john and flinging them away through the timestream.

During Infinite April, a version of the Time Crapper who didn't seem quite consistent with these others showed up – the pre-Just Imagine Saxon Brenton's RACCies on a Plane Filled with Killer Ninja Gorillas!, post-Just Imagine Saxon Brenton Presents the RACCies Again Time Crapper, and his on-again off-again (and again, and again) love interest, Mother Time. Through various time shenanigans, he tried to save their deeply messed-up relationship, failing over and over. Eventually, they seemed to get back together, fighting alongside the Yuppicons against the New Misfits and the Geekobots, and warning Fourth Wall Lass about Looniversal instability in the wake of Bart the Dark Receptionist's future actions.

But when he met Burst Beetle Tweseveny, the Time Crapper revealed that he had powered himself up with the Rung of Revamp, connecting himself directly to the power of entropy. He had assembled bits of Mother Time's various timelines into a version who wanted to be with him, and planned to stabilize her by powering her up the same way; however, Tweseveny and Time-Waster Lad foiled this plan, resetting her timeline to one that had never known him, and finally ending their terribly messed-up relationship. Heartbroken, the Time Crapper decided to become a cosmic net.villain, in hopes of making the Looniverse what he needed it to be, and went back in time – to become the Time Crapper of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper...


Originally, a middling-nice person who couldn't handle rejection. He became more filled with regret, and in many ways less human, as he delved further into the ways of temporal power; by the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, he was a greedy, cryptic, megalomaniacal manipulator.

Powers and Abilities

Originally, used the Hourglass of wReamThermodynamics to manipulate time, allowing time travel, manipulation of personal timelines, slowing down of time on a massive scale, and other abilities. The Rung of Revamp caused him to internalize these abilities, and gave him a direct connection to Looniversal entropy. Has shown the ability to turn heroes into Golden or Silver Age versions of themselves.


A mysterious figure in a hooded robe; his true face has never been revealed. Smells... unpleasant.