Time Crapper II

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Time Crapper II is a net.villain created by Jeff "Drizzt" Barnes. See also other versions of the Time Crapper.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: Dada Dude, GreenRingWraith
Primary Writer: None
Status: Spiraling through time
Usability: Not Reserved


During Cry.Sig, the GreenRingWraith was turned into a pile of, um, excrement. After a thousand years, it evolved sentience and gained time travel abilities, and the post-Cry.Sig Time Crapper was born!

When the original Time Crapper began his plot to take over all timelines during Retcon Hour, the new version decided to take advantage of his plans and twist it so that he would rule. However, both versions were tricked by wReamicus Maximus. The post-Cry.Sig version took the original and merged messily with him, intent on revenge, but Myk-El and the RACCelestial Madonna trapped the merged version in a port-a-john and flung it away through the timestream.


A devious manipulator, completely unaware of how much he stinks.

Powers and Abilities

Time traveler, with many time-manipulating gadgets. May have the ability to turn heroes into Golden or Silver Age versions of themselves.


A sentient pile of crap in a long, hooded robe.