Mother Time (Classic)

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Mother Time is a net.villain created by Rob Rogers and Arthur Spitzer. See also Mother Time (20).
Alter Ego: Tamela Tyme
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Timeline reset, no longer exists as Mother Time... maybe
Usability: Not Reserved
Mother Time, as portrayed in Powernaut comics.


Once, there was a physics student named Tamela, who wanted all kinds of glorious things. And she inspired another student, who wanted nothing more than to give them to her, and he became the Time Crapper... and things got messy.

Mother Time showed up during the Infinite Leadership Crisis as the former girlfriend of the Time Crapper, who had stolen his temporal power items and come up with a convoluted plan to time-reverse normal clothing and sell them as expensive vintage outfits. Despite repeatedly increasing in power, she was defeated by the Legion. The Time Crapper showed up and revealed that she had repeatedly broken up with him, even as he repeatedly went back in time and attempted to fix the relationship. But eventually, they seemed to get back together, with a plan to take over the world with the Yuppicons – which was stopped by the New Misfits and the Geekobots.

However, it turned out that Tamela had been Mother Time across many different iterations of her and the Time Crapper's messed-up relationship, often coming to painful ends, with the Crapper having undone the results each time. After being powered up by the Rung of Revamp, the Crapper had assembled different versions of her timeline into one quasi-stable version, kept stable by the Hourglass of wReamThermodynamics, with the intent of using the Rung to power her up and make it permanent. But their relationship was no less messed-up, and when Time-Waster Lad and Burst Beetle Tweseveny removed the Hourglass from the equation, her timeline snapped back, resetting her to the person she had been before meeting the Crapper, and erasing all traces of him from her history...

Other Timelines

But even after a temporal reset, Hypertext Time retains the might-have-beens.

In 58.5 #46, an older version of Mother Time showed up, intending to prevent a disaster in Stuff.ORG, This may or may not be one of the timelines the Crapper pruned, or an alt.ernate version of Tamela.

In Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #INFINITY, Time-Waster Lad met a version of Tamela who had become the Time Crapper after the original had fully erased himself from time.


Somewhat variable across different temporal iterations, but overall: Confident, often to the point of megalomania. Often manic. Hungry for nice things and exciting experiences. Didn't tend to self-reflect much, but was probably much better off when she did.

Powers and Abilities

Mother Time's abilities came from her items of power, including a scythe which allowed her to age and de-age people and things; the Mirror of Possibility, which confronted her enemies with their own alternate selves; and the Hourglass of wReamThermodynamics, which had larger-scale temporal manipulation powers.


A tall woman in her early twenties, in a glittering silver dress, pale silver hair with a deep purple streak, an amethyst nose piercing, and high heels.