Mother Time (20)

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Mother Time is a anthropomorphic personification created by Jeanne Morningstar and Rob Rogers. See also Mother Time (Classic).
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos
Primary Writer: None
Status: Active personification of time
Usability: General Use


She is history.

However, from the linear perspective of LNH20... <stuff>


Is generally cryptic and mysterious. Works from a very large perspective – large enough that human civilization can be caught up in the side-effects...

Powers and Abilities

Cosmic-level powers. However, rarely interferes directly.


Three women, but also one:

The screen turned off, and Andrea was alone in the room with Ultravac. Except she wasn't. There was a woman in the room wearing a black cloak.
She was young and seemingly frail, with bright golden hair and shining blue eyes. A mocking smile lit up her cherry-red lips. In her right hand she bore a rose.
She was of middle years, tall and proud and full-figured. Some grey had entered her hair. Her face was set with determination. In her right hand she bore a Horn of Plenty.
She was old, indeed ancient. Her hands were clawlike and withered but her grip seemed no less strong for that. Andrea was thankful she couldn't see her face. In her right hand she bore a scythe.
LNH20 Comics Presents #5

Sometimes, speaks with three voices as one. Other times, speaks in rhyming triplets.