Burst Beetle Tweseveny

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Burst Beetle Tweseveny is a Burst Beetle net.hero created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Glenda Gwynnych
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: Active net.hero moving unpredictably thru time
Usability: Usable With Permission


Once, Glenda Gwynnych was an LNH Writer. But she fell away, and was swallowed up by the terribleness of corporate culture. Then she heard a voice that gave her hope, and constructed a device that sent her into the Omnilooniverse, transforming her into Burst Beetle Tweseveny!


Positive, playful, willfully heroic, and doing all she can to enjoy her adventures! Has a deep worry about being thrown back into her previous, terrible life, and that her heroism is somehow fake.

Powers and Abilities

Wears a piece of cosmic technology (in the form of a belt buckle made from alarm clocks and a cell phone) with five little gems on it that, when pressed, activate various powers and effects:

  • Red gem: Dismisses her armor
  • Pink gem: Transforms her into Tweseveny
  • Yellow gem: Allows her to access other narrative threads
  • Green gem: Unknown (may summon weapons or activate special attacks)
  • Blue gem: Full function unknown; activated the buckle for the first time

As well, some functions are voice-activated.

When transformed, has cool martial arts-y hand-to-hand fighting abilities, and wields the High-Tension Temporal Piercer, a fencing foil with a reflective black pommel and a glowing amber blade, forged from a shard of Hypertext Time.


As Glenda Gwynnych, leapt into time wearing a beige skirt and a sensible blouse, and hasn't had time to change yet.

As Tweseveny, she wears black armor made of amber-trimmed panels that resemble a beetle's carapace, with big boots and gauntlets. Her left shoulderpad looks like a stylized number 2, and her right shoulderpad looks like a stylized number 7. Her helmet has a protruding visor shaped like wide green eyes, as well as an amber crest on the forehead shaped like a V.