Burst Beetle M-Plot

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Burst Beetle M-Plot is a Burst Beetle net.villain created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: Moving with unknown purpose thru the timestream
Usability: Usable With Permission


Whenever Burst Beetle Tweseveny shows up to help a net.hero in need, Burst Beetle M-Plot is there, having guided some net.villain into battle with them, seemingly out of a disdain for Tweseveny's playful purposes! Yet she seems to have some deeper mission, rooted in Omnilooniversal stability...


Has an imperious, aggressive attitude, as well as a quiet, emotive side which she keeps hidden. Full of anger at Tweseveny, and at the world in general, but often has sympathy for her villainous charges. Expresses a powerful sense of responsibility; to what is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Cool martial arts-y hand-to-hand fighting abilities; wields a sword shaped like an ornate clock hand. Can manipulate the framework of the narrative, and uses the special move "Gordian Slice" to cut thru the story. Seems to be able to travel precisely thru time, and anchor temporally unstable people in time. Probably has other abilities as well, heck.


Wears a suit of armor made of panels that look like lacquered mahogany in curves reminiscent of the shells of insects. There's gold trim at the wrists, ankles, and neck, and along each joint, with ivory inlays running the length of each panel. She wears a helmet with a faceted yellow visor, shaped to resemble a pair of eyes squinting with supercilious superiority, and a pair of ornate clock hands in a V on her forehead. At her waist, she wears a golden belt, with a buckle that looks like an analog clock face, hands at 7:20.