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alt.drwho.creative is a newsgroup dedicated to fanfic based on the ridiculously long-running BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who. Fan.Boy traveled there on a quest to understand the nature of his counterparts. At this point, it was a constantly-shifting unstable landscape, reshaped by the stories told by its posters. Since then it has developed its own elaborate metafictional shared world in the form of This Time Round[1]; ADWC would now probably take a form based on this setting.

ADWC was quite an active newsgroup back in the day, but Doctor Who fanfic is now largely written elsewhere, and the group has very low activity. Nevertheless, it can be read and posted to here or on your local newsreader. The old ADWC archive can be perused on the Wayback Machine. K. Michael Wilcox was a prolific poster there once, writing hundreds of drabbles.