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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a newsgroup dedicated to the multi-genre RPG Torg. In the world of Torg, Earth is being invaded by various alternate universes called Cosms, which overwrite local reality. Each of these Cosms belong to a different genre, such as the fantasy world of Aysle, the steampunk/pulp Nile Empire, the primitive Living Lands (a world where humans do not exist, inhabited by barbarian lizardmen), the dystopian Cyber-Papacy, and the deadly Lovecraftian world of Orrorsh. The players take the role of Storm Knights, who battle to save the Earth from the invading High Lords who rule these Cosms. The game mechanics, such as the "drama deck," encouraged a larger-than-life, cinematic style. hosted discussion of the game itself, but also the genre metaphysics behind its many worlds and a host of fan-made Cosms and factions. Like, it had "various counterparts to the published settings, plus one area acting as a hub from where all the others would be the subject of conversation."[1] Of course, due to the nature of Torg, those worlds often spilled over into the central discussion area, with rather bloody results.

Fan.Boy and Retcon Lad traveled there in a quest to understand the nature of Fan.Boy's other-dimensional counterparts. They landed right in the middle of a complicated inter-factional brawl.[2]

Unfortunately, was overcome by the one enemy even Storm Knights cannot defeat: Spham. Discussion gradually shifted over to the Torg mailing list. But the group can still be read and posted to here or on your local newsreader, though even the sphammers have abandoned it for years.


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  2. We're not listing all the worlds involved; go look at LAL #17 if you want to know.