Queen Kiwidorah

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Queen Kiwidorah is a giant three-headed Kiwi created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Charlotte, Penelope, and Evelyn the Kiwi
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Members of Team Science Kiwi
Usability: Free For Use


Team Science Kiwi worked with Doctor Stomper on a biodata dial to store powers for Mashup Laq long-term. However, the prototype was a failure; it took at least three people to use, and instead of simply copying their powers, it fused them bodily, so it was sealed away.

However, when Vector Ovine attacked, Dr. Stomper called on the heroic kiwis to take up arms against this monstrous threat! Thus, Charlotte the Kiwi, Penelope the Kiwi, and Evelyn the Kiwi came together as one, and Queen Kiwidorah was born!


Mostly unexplored. Heroic.

Powers and Abilities

Can shoot lightning from her beaks and create gale-force winds with her wings.


A ginormous three-headed kiwi, glowing gold with huge wings (for a kiwi).