Johnny Stomper

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Johnny Stomper is a net.hero created by Josh Geurink.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Ben Rawluk
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Not Reserved


The nephew of LNH pseudoscientist Doctor Stomper, Johnny Stomper abruptly joined the LNH during the Robot Invasion, when he discovered the StomperRobo and helped defeat several invaders, with the aid of Token Girl.

Johnny became one of the LNH's reliable mechanics. He was part of the cast of Lurker Lad for as long as that series lasted, and since its end, has been helping out in the background, both with his mechanical skills and with StomperRobo.

In the alt.ernate future of LNH2, Johnny became part of the faculty of Net.ropolis Academy, teaching Generation Zed the tricks of the trade.


Johnny is extremely good-natured, and on the perpetual quest to seek the perfect girl. He spends much of his time tinkering with mechanical and electronic bits n' pieces, but he is noticeably social.

Powers and Abilities

While Johnny possesses no net.ahuman powers, he does have several gadgets which aid him. Specifically:

  1. Gadget Watch and StomperRobo: The watch allows him to control the massive mecharobot, StomperRobo.
  2. Jetpack: Flight.
  3. Raygun: Defensive and offensive bursts of energy.


A tall youth, in his early twenties, with blonde hair and grey eyes. He is usually found in a bright blue jumpsuit, with an LNH utility-belt.thingee.


Nephew of Doctor Stomper.