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Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! is a Classic LNH Chaotic Add-On Cascade and crossover that Arthur Spitzer began in April of 2020. It exploded into furious activity in October and November of 2020, with Drew Nilium, Jeanne Morningstar and Scott Eiler all contributing; gradually dripped out one issue at a time over the length of 2021; and finally came to a big, spectacular end in August of 2022.

Starting off as a way of coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, it ended up as the most extensive and expansive LNH story of recent memory, drawing many of the plot and character threads from the post-Beige era of the LNH to a conclusion and laying the seeds for new stories to come! It introduced a surprising number of new characters who haven't been developed yet and a lot of giant robots and toku homages.


The lenses of Drama and Comedy are powerful. A plague, a president who doesn't know what he's doing, the stresses of quarantine... transformed into something stranger, sillier, and more dramatic!

No, we're not going to try and summarize everything that happens in this series, but it has a lot to do with a sabertooth virus and a series of overlapping plots by, like, a dozen different antagonist factions.

Where to Read

Note on Reading Order

When it comes to reading Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!, it's best to ignore the intentionally ridiculous numbering and read the issues in the order they were posted, like so.

Complete List of Issues and Tie-Ins

Issue #1 Arthur Spitzer
Issue #2 Arthur Spitzer
Issue #3 Drew Nilium
Issue #4 Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #5 Drew Nilium
Tie-In: System Corruptors #36 "Hungry Designs" Drew Nilium
Issue #6 "Quarantine Ninja Blues" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #7 "Un-Curb Your Enthusiasm" Drew Nilium
Issue #7.5 "The Cosmic Confusion Clusterfight" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #8 "Looniversal Machinations" Drew Nilium
Tie-In: Looniverse Chronicles #7 "So You Wanna Play With Magic" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #9 "My Diabolical Plans, My Diabolical Plans, and Me" Drew Nilium
Tie-In: The Liminals #4 "The Quest for Motivation, Part 1: Zoom In" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #10 "Plot Chopped and Screwed" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #11 "An Ounce of Cure" Drew Nilium
Issue #12 "Cheesy Self-Care Advice" Drew Nilium
Issue #13 "Guess, I have to create another Looniverse..." Arthur Spitzer
Issue #14 "The One Where Masterplan Lad Explains Hypertext Time" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #15 "A Grand Night In" Drew Nilium
Issue #16 "Fragments of Hope" Drew Nilium
Issue #ERR_19834_ASKDAFJKADSLF "Plot Lost" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #17 "I Know Who Could" Scott Eiler
Issue #6pi "18.84955592154... Plus a Sudden Jolt of Motivation Means Big Trouble For the Looniverse!" Drew Nilium
Issue #18 "Hello to Halo" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #19 "Martial Farts" Scott Eiler
Issue #20 "Keep It Simple, Savior?" Drew Nilium
Issue #21 "The Watcher" Scott Eiler
Issue #6pi (October 2020B) "18.84955592154... Plus an Excess of Enthusiasm Means Big Trouble For Simplicity!" Drew Nilium
Issue #6pi III "The Search for Plot" Jeanne Morningstar
Tie-In: The VHS Bootleg Tape of The Namer Boy Documentary Project: Season Two #2 Arthur Spitzer
Issue #6pi III.2 "~A Fragmentary Pi-sage~" Drew Nilium
Issue #22 "The Traitor's Tale" Drew Nilium
Issue #6.66 Arthur Spitzer
Issue #6pi.VI.6 Part One, Part Two and Part Three "Tragedy and Trenchcoats" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #23 "A Treatise on Fantastic Epidemiology; or, Sabertooth Monster Beast Power Activate!!" Drew Nilium
Issue #24 "Passing the Time" Drew Nilium
Tie-In: Another LNH Title? Really? #11 "Foo Fight" Jeanne Morningstar
Tie-In: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 3 #3 Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five and Part Six "Sequels are Always Worse" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #25 "The Beginning of the Third Act" Drew Nilium
Issue #6pi.0 + 1pi.0 "I Do (Not) Wanna Miss a Thing" Drew Nilium
Tie-In: The Liminals #7 "Motivationquest Part 2: The Big Burnout" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #26 "The Twain Shall Meet" Drew Nilium
Issue #27 "Interview with the Scaryghost" Drew Nilium
Issue #INFINITY "The Wastes of Time" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #29 "The Cosmic Catharsis" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #30 "Another Weird Tangent" Drew Nilium
Issue #31 "Put a Ring On It" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #32 "Meet Me In St. Louis, By Which I Mean Net.ropolis" Drew Nilium
Issue #33 "Tales of the Zombie" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #34 "Take My Imperilution" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #35 "Gang Aft Agley" Drew Nilium
Tie-In: The Liminals #8 Part One and Part Two "Motivationquest, Part 3: Guilty Feet Ain't Got No Rhythm" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #36 "Socks to Be You" Drew Nilium
Christmas in Quarantine Special "Motivationquest: Gaiden" Drew Nilium
Issue #37 "Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Kiwi Legends" Drew Nilium
Issue #Godfinally! "The Body Swap Theory" Arthur Spitzer
Issue #38 "All Monsters Attack" Drew Nilium
Issue #Square Root of 6pi "PWP" Drew Nilium
Issue #39 "But You Can't Pick Your Sister's Nose" Drew Nilium
Issue #40 "Hypothesis vs. Deduction: GMK" Drew Nilium
Issue #41 "The Empress's Gambit" Drew Nilium
Issue #42 "Devil-Lad Crybaby" Drew Nilium
Issue #43 "43 Incredibly Obscure Facts About Death and Resurrection That Will Blow Your Mind" Drew Nilium
Issue #44 "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Bandshell" Drew Nilium
Issue #45 "The Ant, The Grasshopper, the Spider and the Beetle" Drew Nilium
Issue #46 "Shine Your Kube" Drew Nilium
Issue #46 add-on Scott Eiler
Issue #47 Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #48 "A Simple Plan" Drew Nilium
Issue #49 "The Big Bandshell Battle" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #50.1, 50.2, 50.3, 50.4, and 50.6pi "The Sapphicutioner's Song"
or, "The Beast That Shouted 'Sabertooth!' at the Heart of the Net"
Drew Nilium and Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #EPILOG (Side A) "Another Morning Comes" Drew Nilium
Issue #EPILOGUE (Side B) "Let's Live Our Lives Net.Heroically, Let's Live Them With Style" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #EPILOG (Side Pi) "President Evil: The Final Chapter" Drew Nilium
Tie-In: The Liminals #9 "Motivationquest Epilogue: After the Ordeal" Jeanne Morningstar
Epi-Epilog: System Corruptors #37 "An Honest Mistake" Drew Nilium

Additional Reference Material

Doctor Stomper's Guide to the Deep Omnilooniverse Drew Nilium


Plots Resolved

The series resolved many long-standing plot danglers, including:

Characters Introduced

Characters Reintroduced

Characters Re-Reintroduced

After his exit from this series, Imperilus ended up on Earth-20 in Post-Metal Doomcore.


  1. The former two made an unnamed appearance in The Tribulations of Kid Review