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The Bogusite is a net.villain created by Jeff Coleburn.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Bogie, probably many others
Primary Writer: Jeff Coleburn
Status: Member of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains
Usability: Free For Use[1]


The Bogusite was hired by Acton Lord to pretend to be a soda machine in LNHQ and monitor the goings-on. He manipulated Multi-Tasking Man with spiked soda, but was revealed when someone actually tried to pay. He fought M-TM using Acton Lord's powers, but was defeated by the multifunctional hero's versatility and taken into custody.

Later, Mistake hired him as a member of her Brotherhood of Net.Villains to take Ven-Dorr's place as a soda machine spy.


A mercenary who likes cash. Timid around the powerful, will mock and have fun with those he considers "lesser". Has a wicked sense of humor, with plenty of one-liners and puns.

Powers and Abilities

A shapeshifting "MetaMorph" who can change into all kinds of inanimate objects with abilities to match. Can absorb the abilities of willing subjects for ten minutes at a time. Use of his abilities is signaled by a blue flash.


A slight humanoid figure.



  1. After Innocent Bystander, Jeff Coleburn encouraged the LNH Writers to "do something fun" with the Bogusite.