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Beyond this dreary reality you and I experience every day...the city streets, the mindless fightscenes between spandex-clad net.heroes, the thousand aches and pains...well, you get the drift. Beyond this is another plane of existence entirely, one composed of the stuff of dreams and idle wishes...and nightmares as well, but you take the bad with the good, yes?
Mister Gain, Dvandom Force #52

The dream-realm of Harnegu (Rot13 for "Unearth") is the source of the rot13-based magic of Rotara and his daughter, Rotanna. It resembles a surreal, largely human-uninhabited version of Net.Zealand.

Harnegu was created when Steven Walsh crossed over to Loonivearth's dreamworld from the Raiders Universe, transforming him into The VAXX. Due to the odd nature of time in the Looniverse, its existence retroactively stretched back into the past as well.

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As an LNH20 version of Rotanna has appeared briefly in FLASH! LNH Comics Presents Monthly #3, there may be an Earth-20 version of Harnegu as well, though it is likely very different. (Tho given that dreamworld inhabitants seem to be able to cross over between different universes, it may be the same Harnegu.)