Cliche Dude

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Cliche Dude is a net.hero created by Jef Kolodziej.
Alter Ego: Chris
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH, former member of the Tantalizing Teens
Usability: Free For Use


Cliche Dude was raised by a pack of wild golden retrievers. The identity of his biological parents is unknown.

He was once a member of the Tantalizing Teens, but joined the LNH after that group broke up, sometime before the Cosmic Plot Device Caper. During Electrocutioner's Song, he put himself on reserve status.

In the Leadership Crisis, he cast the decisive vote for Ultimate Ninja as leader, because he was angry at Deja Dude for stealing his name back when the latter called himself Cliche Lad. Not long after, he left alongside Halls Jordan for a space mission (which may have had something to do with his evil brother).

He returned to the LNH after the Dorf invasion, years and years later. He's returned to active member status, but still hasn't revealed what that mission was about...


Cliched. Has the odd HaBit of CapItAlizing in the MidDle of words. Genuine and rather sweet but doesn't really think things through.

Powers and Abilities

Can shout out cliches at any time. Uses these cliches to stagger foes. Later developed the usual iconic superhero "flying brick" powers.


From Dave Van Domelen's art site: In a cliched Spawn pose, natch. Thought bubble is filled with "ow ow ow ow ow ow". 3/27/93

Wears a leather jacket and dark sunglasses. Probably a blond guy named Chris.


Crimefighting partner to Halls Jordan. Has recently become attracted to him, resulting in... cliched slashfic pining! Alt.version of Master Roster Man.

Has an evil twin brother called Master Cliche, who was the warlord of a cliched evil empire in an alternate world where Ultimate Ninja was once trapped.