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Hell Catalyst is a net.hero created by Jeff "Drizzt" Barnes and Jeff McCoskey. See also Catalyst Lass and Revamp Lass II.
Alter Ego: Reva
Aliases: Revamp Lass, Catalyst Lass
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), member of The Core LNH
Usability: Not Reserved


Revamp Lass was one of the original members of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains, restyling unpopular heroes, twisting them to suit the Brotherhood's plans.

She was grew up in Misery Ridge, but left after she stole the Revampire's Amulet from her mother. In 1992, she attempted to use the Amulet to increase her powers, but it backfired, allowing Revampirella to begin the process of turning her into a Revampire. Hiatus brought her to the LNH before she was fully turned, and the Legion fought alongside I... Revampire to save her. When she was most vulnerable to the power of Revamp, Catalyst Lass exerted her abilities to the utmost and pulled her away – causing her to become, mentally and physically, a copy of Catalyst Lass, and take up her life unawares!

The two Catalyst Lasses existed in the LNH, unaware of each other until 1995, when Revampirella was released by accident. She kidnapped both Cats and took them off to Trans.alt.vania, intending to Revampirize both. But Deductive Logic Man caught them in a feedback loop that snapped them out of it. The former Revamp Lass, still in Cat form, decided to stay in the LNH as Hell Catalyst.

When the HexFire Club tried to make Catalyst Lass a pawn, she and Hell Catalyst hatched a plan, repeatedly switching places to foil Mister Tiddles's mind control and successfully ferrying inside info back to the LNH.

More recently, Hell Catalyst has joined The Core LNH.


Friendly and outgoing, though with a hidden reserve of anger. Enjoys helping out with projects and motivating others to do so too.

Powers and Abilities

The psionic power to cause others to share her interests. May or may not have some of the powers and/or weaknesses of a Revampire.


After being "catalyzed", looked just like Catalyst Lass but blond; this is often used to her and Cat's advantage, both strategically and to engender mischief. When not disguising herself as Cat, she wore a version of Cat's costume with the light blue swapped for red, and "HC" written in the puzzle piece.

Post-Beige Midnight, she took on a different style. She's a bit chubbier, with curly red hair and a new costume: a shimmery red-and-gold outfit with a high collar and tights, with a stylized puzzle piece on fire over her chest.


Revamp Lass II is her sister.