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Revampirella is a Revampire queen created by Jeff McCoskey.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jeff McCoskey
Status: Trapped in the Allbery Crypt
Usability: Usable With Permission


The Queen of the Revampires, Revampirella has long been a menace to anyone with a simple backstory or an unlocked picture window. Long ago, she turned a Knight of Continuity into I... Revampire, and they've been at each other's (metaphorical and literal) throats ever since.

In 1992, not terribly long after the formation of the LNH, Revamp Lass of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains attempted to use the power of the Revampire's Amulet, drawing her attention. She attempted to turn Revamp Lass in a ritual drawn out over three nights, but after the first night, the LNH became involved; by the third, Catalyst Lass stole her prize away, and she was sealed in the Fike Archive, with I... Revampire guarding her tomb.

By 1995, the Fike Archive had been replaced with the Allbery Crypt, and she was free once more. She stole away both Catalyst Lass and the other Catalyst Lass which had appeared, intending to turn both of them. But Deductive Logic Man tricked her into making them free each other, and Particle Man used the power of The Sun (a mass of incandescent gas) to stop her in her tracks. I... Revampire sealed her away in a Kirbytech coffin, and headed for the light side of Mercury...


Imperious, megalomaniacal, and seductive.

Powers and Abilities

All of the powers of the Revampire, with less weaknesses – sunlight does not kill but weakens her, and other methods of attack have reduced effectiveness. Can ensnare men's minds with her Costume of Madness. (Presumably, works on anyone who's sexually attracted to women.) Has the Nose-feratu, a brotherhood of twelve long-proboscis'd Revampires, as her personal guard.


A woman seething with eldritch power and smoldering sensuality, whose costume consists of three red, leathery strips.