Deductive Logic Man

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Deductive Logic Man is a net.hero created by wReam.
Alter Ego: Ferris Alejandro Jones
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: formerly K. Michael Wilcox
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), former partner to Aeneas Boddy
Usability: Not Reserved


The British net.hero Ferris Jones joined the LNH in its early days, lending his deductive reasoning to the most troublesome of LNH mysteries.

He first met the immortal "villain" Aeneas Boddy when the latter fought a group of LNH members. Seeing a potential adversary, he elected to train Aeneas, though he never seems to have gotten around to the training part, instead becoming close friends. At the same time, he used some of his fortune to buy a suburban mansion where he could raise fleas and play his cello. Here, he solved the attempted murder of his friend and generally tried to keep the immortal out of trouble. His association with Aeneas ended when their house was destroyed and he was kicked out of the LNH.

He has since rejoined and become a regular presence on missions. But, you know, it's not quite the same...


Very even-tempered, if a bit patrician.

Powers and Abilities

A top-notch detective who can make the hugest of correct logical leaps. He is highly intelligent but tends not to know facts unrelated to his work (though he demonstrates an affinity for technology). He also wears a razor-edged bowler, which he is adept at using.


Physically, Ferris is tall and thin, and his wardrobe tends to include mostly plain brown suits with trademark bowler.