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The Revampires are a type of undead, primarily existing in the Classic Looniverse.

Powers and Abilities

They are driven by the Byrne, the unholy fire which compels them to revamp others. Revampires can revamp other characters, changing their style or their backstory, through drinking their blood. As well, they can turn another into a revampire by feeding on their blood over three nights.


They are immortal, but have certain weaknesses. They cannot survive the harsh light of day. Scripts blessed by the Thomastic order of monks will burn them. They can be killed when their hearts are pierced by the Dvandom Stranger's Editorial Staff, and back issues will cause them to turn away.

Known Revampires

Revampirella is the Queen of the Revampires, though she was locked away long ago in the Archives. The Nose-feratu are powerful Revampires with long proboscises that serve Revampirella and act as her foot soldiers. I... Revampire is her greatest enemy and jailer.

The mysterious Moribund the Revampire has been sighted with the Legion of Net.Horrors. His relationship with the others remains unexplored.

A new Revampire Lord, Didio Brando, has been building a new Revampire army in the shadows, including the Lurking Revampire.

Related Plot Devices

The Revampire's Amulet channels the power of the Revampires, but also summons their attention. However, with Revamp Lass in control of it, and Revampirella locked away, what will become of its power and influence?

In one story[1], the Power Byrne is said to be a warped and corrupted version of the Power Kirby, which may function as a kind of Qlipothic manifestation of the Source Code (as does the similar but distinct Power Liefeld).