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Gritty is a net.villain created by Jeff "Drizzt" Barnes.
Alter Ego: Georgia Grimm
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Drizzt
Status: Freelance net.villain, usually found alongside her brother
Usability: Not Reserved


Orphaned at a young age and left a fortune by their parents, the Grimm Twins lived a jet-setting life for years after their powers emerged. Bored with the life of millionaire heirs, the pair began to use their powers for darker purposes. Eventually, their machinations and use of their powers caused the suicide of one of their employees; due to the actions of a particularly dogged detective (Ferris Jones), they were caught and imprisoned.

After their release, the mutant pair were recruited into the Brotherhood of Net.Villains by Mister Homage, but quit in frustration over the team's failures and lack of direction. Their current whereabouts are unknown.


Sadistic, patrician, patronizing. Enjoys inflicting pain as much as her brother, but prefers psychological torture more than physical.

Powers and Abilities

Along with her brother Grim, Gritty can make the immediate area more gritty and "realistic." However, to activate this power, the two must touch each other and say "Grim n' Gritty Twin powers, activate!"


Wears a black costume with gray trim that leaves little to the imagination, with spikes and chains on it.