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EraserHead is a deleting horror of the Omnilooniverse created by Jeff Barnes[1].
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jeff Barnes
Status: Former member of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains, current state unknown
Usability: Not Reserved


EraserHead is a bizarre elemental creature of Deletion which Mister Homage encountered when he was trapped between dimensions. It followed him home and did whatever he told it to, for reasons known only to it.

During the Crimes of the Brotherhood crossover, Mr. Homage put the Massmaster 2000 size-and-mass-increasing device on EraserHead and sent it on a rampage thru downtown Net.ropolis. A motley group of net.heroes (with a secret assist from Lagneto) just barely managed to teleport it out of the Looniverse, to an extradimensonal space where it ran into a being it identified as its mother.

However, Mr. Homage had apparently cloned the beast, as another EraserHead went after Continuity Champ while he was temporarily depowered. CC got his flight ability back just in time to drag EraserHead into the upper atmosphere; when it used its deleting eyebeams on him, it apparently burned up on reentry.

But when Mr. Homage formed the East Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains, one or another EraserHead came with him. And then Anti-Christ Lad possessed Homage, and EraserHead stopped obeying. It was chained up in the former Orange Julius in the Brotherhood's abandoned shopping mall headquarters, with a member of the Brotherhood watching over it at all times...

In Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!, it turned out that...

When Mistake went[2] to free EraserHead...


Usually acts in a single-mindedly destructive manner, but has more emotional depth than it seems, with an alien form of intelligence that struggles to communicate with humans in any kind of understandable way.

Powers and Abilities

Shoots eyebeams which can delete anything from existence. Seems to be quite strong and hard to hurt.


As a Deletion elemental, very difficult to describe, but seems to be humanoid.

Appearances [1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 During the original pre-Cosmic Plot Device Caper rec.arts.comics thread, Max Headshop identified himself as the "Flying Eraserhead", the first use of this name in the LNH, and appeared on the earliest roster. However, the powers and concept are different, and there's no evidence that the later EraserHead was based on this.
  2. In System Corruptors #40 – Footnote Girl
  3. After Drizzt introduced a new version of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains in The Flame Wars, the next character roster included a full membership for the team, including several characters who had never previously appeared in a story, one of which was EraserHead.
  4. Inbetween the posting of the new roster and Insanity Unlimited #1, issues 12-13 of The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man featured Easily-Discovered Man Lite and Substitute Lad getting into a bar fight with a miscellaneous group of villains which included an EraserHead. However, this one was recognizably human and could talk, in contradiction with the roster's description, so we're not counting it as an appearance of this EraserHead. Maybe it was the Flying Eraserhead? Or perhaps it was just one of the X-Over Men.