X-Over Men

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The X-Over Men are creations of the Crossover Queen[1], soldiers which can take the place of any given superhero team in any given crossover to boost sales. Their members include Memor-X and Multipl-X. In their natural form they are drawn with incredible detail, with lots of those little noodling lines that 90s fanboys adored. Yet for all that detail, they could be any team of net.heroes — totally generic yet excrutiatingly detailed. There are usually five of them, but like everything else about them, this is mutable.

The X-Over Men summoned the Crossover Queen to take part in the Electrocutioner's Song, but Multi-Tasking Man crossposted all of them to rec.org.sca. While the Queen involved herself in the group's politics, the X-Over Men escaped to take part in the crossover disguised as LNHers, explaining how some of them could be in two different places at once. They were then captured by the Electrocutioner of The Finishless, who forced them to take part in his twisted game show. They made a deal to serve him as the Guest Star Squadron.

When the Electrocutioner returned at the end of Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!, so did they, performing musical numbers to underscore the battles of his net.heroic guests. They seem pretty happy.


  1. In one strand of Hypertext Time, they were creations of the Dvandom Dial (see Bellerophon Gambit), this seems to have been something that came out of the post-Two-and-a-Half Month Gap add-on threads.