Vector Sublime

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Vector Sublime is a net.villain created by Arthur Spitzer and Rob Rogers. See also Vector Crime.
Alter Ego: Melissa
Aliases: Vector
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Living virus, missing in action net.villain, former member of the Surreptitious Seven and Legion of Net.Villains
Usability: Reserved


Vector Sublime is one of the duplicates of Vector that gained an independent existence. Her first verified appearance was in Beige Countdown #7, where she helped rescue Ripping Dancer from the LNH with the help of other Legion of Net.Villains members (and was mistakenly referred to as Vector Prime by Revamp Lass). (It's possible that she came into existence in Beige Countdown #8 — but since that issue hasn't been finished yet, we'll just have to wonder.)

In Beige Midnight, she seemed to be second in charge of the LNV and Mynabird's top advisor. In Beige Midnight #3, it was revealed that she was working for the Bryttle Brothers for some unknown reason. In issue #8, she created twelve copies of herself near the Beige Clock Tower; afterwards, she opened the Clock Tower's door and went inside. It is unknown what happened to her afterwards.

Any references to her in stories set before Beige Countdown are probably copies of her that have traveled in time. The Vector who appeared in 58.5 and claimed to be the original may have been one of these, as may the Vector who originally joined the Surreptitious Seven.


Just as megalomaniacal as the original, but with a self-destructive nature.

Powers and Abilities

Can duplicate herself at will. Her clones have at least some of the powers of the original Vector, including Legionnaire's Disease and controlling other creatures.


A tall, buxom redheaded woman, often dressed in a skintight leather catsuit.