Romantic Innuendo II

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Romantic Innuendo is a net.villain created by Arthur Spitzer (character) and wReam (concept).. For the character who originally used the name, see Romantic Innuendo I.
Alter Ego: Juliet Valentino
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains
Usability: Not Reserved


Juliet Valentino was a psychiatrist who had the original Romantic Innuendo, Romeo Inman, as a patient. She stole his powers, took his name, and joined the Brotherhood of Net.Villains.

At some point, she was captured and locked up in the LNHQ. Freed by Mynabird, she joined his Legion of Net.Villains, and notably used her powers to make Ripping Dancer fall in love with Fearless Leader.

When the Brotherhood split, she sided with Mister Homage, joining his East Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains. She began building up a nemesis-ship with Catalyst Lass, as well as a rivalship with Revamp Lass. (Rumor has it they used to date.) Unfortunately for her, when Mistake merged the Brotherhoods, the two of them had to begin working side by side...


Relatively carefree, for a net.villain. Takes glee in manipulating people. Coy and flirtatious.

Powers and Abilities

Psychically influences people, causing them to feel romantic interest towards each other.


A lovely and elegant woman who wears a gorgeous red sequin dress, crimson opera cape, a fedora and a similarly sequined domino mask.


Has one of those obsessive, destructive villain crushes on Catalyst Lass. Has an intense rivalry with Revamp Lass II.