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Chatillon is a Gothic villain created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: At large
Usability: [should prolly ask Amabel]


Even the damned fear him
Dennis William Marker, Net.heroes on Parade #21

There is much that remains unknown about Chatillon: the nature and origin of his powers, his relationship with his godlike patron, known as Rott, the source of his long feud with the Terrible Ones. What is known is that he sought the mystic lunchbox of Michette Duclos, which the Terrible Ones had created, in order to destroy them at last, and he would stop at nothing to get it.

Chatillon approached every single member of the LNH (except for Ultimate Ninja) to convince them to let him take Michette. He offered each of the other members of Michette's (unnamed) subgroup a bargain where he would grant them something they desired in exchange for staying out of his way; some took it and some didn't. He convinced enough of them to capture Michette unopposed, and he brought her to his lair in a hellish level of the LNHQ subbasements to take her lunchbox from her, which would also remove her soul.

However, he underestimated his enemies: Lilly Paschall reneged on her deal because she cared for Michette too deeply, while Speed Richardson was pushed into fighting him by Maggie Bernard. Toghether they rescued Michette and overcame Rott, and Chatillon disappeared; presumably he still continues his feud to this day.


Cruel and insidious, a Gothic master manipulator to the extreme. Driven by an undying desire for vengeance against the Terrible Ones.

Powers and Abilities

Chatillon possesses vast magical powers, such as the ability to animate revenants with powerful psychokinetic abilities and redirect magical energy blasts. However, he does not seem to act directly when he can avoid it, instead working through pawns and intermediaries.

He also possesses great persuasive ability, which may be supernatural. Catalyst Lass was able to cancel it out, suggesting their powers may be similar in nature.


From Net.heroes on Parade TEB #3:

tall and spindly, dressed in a long red robe. His eyes were black, his skin chalk-white. His red hair shot forth from his head like cheese from a grinder; it reminded Gary more of play-dough.