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Speed Richardson is a net.hero and aspiring swashbuckler created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Wilson W. St. Wilson Junior
Aliases: Shrink-Wrap Man
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Doing the fandango Ex-member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: [should prolly ask Amabel]


Speed Richardson was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.

Well, he really loved the novel Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini and aspired to be an actor who would make a movie to bring that novel to life as it truly deserved. He would change his name from Wilson W. St. Wilson to the more actor-y Speed Richardson. The problem was didn't live in a town where any Important People who'd notice him would go and wasn't actually a very good actor. But at twenty-four years old he found another purpose in life when he signed on to test for a mad scientist who wanted to use shrink-wrap for law enforcement purposes. Gaining the power to generate shrink-wrap, he became the sensational Shrink-Wrap Man!

He came to the LNHQ and immediately demanded to be made leader of the LNH. This obviously didn't work out, but he soon had a chance to join the battle agianst the Bhigghrehenghuyhsian invasion of Loonivearth.

Net.Heroes on Parade

After recovering from the invasion, he naturally leaped into battle against the Terrible Ones alongside a group of other new-ish net.heroes and fellow travelers.

He fell hopelessly in love with Michette Duclos, whose mystic lunchbox the Terrible Ones had been after. He pined in vain, for Michette was growing increasingly intimate with Lilly Paschall. One night he was approached by Chatillon, who offered him a deal: if he let Chatillon take Michette's lunchbox, Michette would need someone to console her and Speed could play that role. He found himself deeply torn by the offer. When the time came around, he stood by and did nothing.

An enraged Maggie Bernard confronted him afterwards, revealing that she loved him and Chatillon had offered to make her attractive enough to win that love but she had refused. That revelation inspired Speed to act as a hero at last. Along with Lilly, he went down to a hellish area of the LNHQ subbasements where Chatillon held Maggie, and held his own against a godlike being Chatillon had summoned. With Tyler Bridge's help, they defeated him and set Michette free.

As a result of this he had lost his powers, and still had to face the consequences of his earlier actions. The Ultimate Ninja gave him an ultimatum: expulsion or trial. He chose a trial. The Ninja put the vote to his subgroup, and every single member voted for his expulsion except for Maggie. He decided he would take a bus back to Kansas City and resume his life there.


Yearned to be a swashbuckler. A daydreaming type, not very practical. Projects a boastful confidence to try and impress people, but shows more shyness about his genuine accomplishments.

Powers and Abilities

Could manifest shrink wrap which dissolved thirty seconds after application, shrink-wrapping any object at will.[1]

Can act but is not very good at it.


Slight, with green eyes. Described himself as having " a girl's eyes and a girl's slim waist but none of a girl's grace."



  1. "Shrink-wrap" doesn't look like a word anymore.