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"Behold! You humans have been summoned here to the world of Bhigghrehenghuyhs!"
"Big Green Guys?" said Bryce.
"Ssh! To give away the secret of pronunciation might mean our doom!"
Journey Into Irrelevancy #14

The Bhigghrehenghuyhs were Bronze Age Marvel-style aliens under attack from the invading Shi'tar Empire. They summoned Kid Quickly-Irritated-By-Others and Lunchbox Lass to defend them and defeat the Shi'tar. It turned out this was pretty easy because the Shi'tar were incredibly small compared to the humans and Bhigghrehenghuyhs. But in truth, the Bhigghrehenghuyhs were an evil empire themselves, and their world was actually the Shi'tar's home planet, which they'd been asked to babyit while the Shi'tar were off on a space war and refused to give up. Then the Intergalactic Union of Good-Guys Opposed to Non-Good-Guys sentenced their entire species to execution and the LNHers had to step in and save them. They did, but then it turned out the Bhigghrehenghuyhs had made a deal with Doctor Willy and were about to invade Loonivearth! But after a battle with the LNH they were defeated by the powers of Super Apathy Lad.

They were twice as tall as your average human but twice as narrow; they had green skin and no hair.

Their leader was the fearsome demigod known only as... DOUG.