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Lunchbox Lass is a net.hero created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Michette Duclos
Aliases: Mimi to her friends (she doesn't have a lot)
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: [should prolly ask Amabel]


At eighteen years old, Michette Duclos was married to an upper-class man she hated, Roger, who also happened to be the net.hero called the Gendarme. She was having an affair with a man called Lance, who turned out to be the serial killer L'Morte, who her husband had been investigating. Roger came almost too late to save her and died at the killer's hands.[1] The experience scarred Michette, leaving her more emotionally distant than she'd already been. She now understood the driving purpose which had led her husband to his death.

By this point she had already gained her mystic lunchbox and assumed the identity of Lunchbox Lass. At twenty, Michette went to Ame.rec.a to join the LNH. She was part of the group of LNHers who went to bring in Bryce Banner, AKA Kid Quickly-Irritated-By-Others, on the run after his dystopian future robotic companion Renee had been framed for murder, but he escaped and took her hostage. Over time, she began to open up to him a little bit. They figured out the villain behind this was his old enemy Baby Pain AKA Doctor Willy, and successfully defeated her and cleared everyone's name, only to be teleported into outer space! Because it was that kind of series.

They ended up on the planet of the Bhigghrehenghuyhs. Here Bryce expressed his attraction to her, but she wasn't ready to consider it, as she was still grieving for her husband. They went on a quest to the Tower of Song and, finding herself in the dungeon, she began to express doubts about her purpose and mission for the first time. She kissed Bryce when they were, uh, about to be flushed down a giant space toilet by the Shi'tar Empire. Shortly after she died, then was resurrected as a bargaining chip by Doctor Willy, then realized she was in love with Bryce... And then found that Bryce had gone into a time distortion and married another woman, and they'd returned to the present with a son.

After the wedding, Michette fell into despair, convinced she'd never get a chance to love anyone.

Net.Heroes on Parade

But she had already grown close to her fellow LNHer Groundswell, AKA Lilly Paschall. She quickly came to see Lilly as her best friend, one of the few stable relationships she'd ever had, and those feelings soon began to develop into an intense attraction.

Not long after the invasion, Michette was attacked by the Terrible Ones, demons who the Lunchbox had been created to seal away. With the help of Lilly and a group of other new-ish net.heroes, she barely survived. She then got involved in a carnival-related murder mystery where the culprit had also been empowered by the Terrible Ones, but used the lunchbox to incinerate him. Then the murderer, Tex, was resurrected as a superpowered revenant and attacked the LNHQ, trying to gain the lunchbox for his mysterious benefactor.

That benefactor was Chatillon, who wanted to take Michette's lunchbox and get revenge on the Terrible Ones. He made deals with her teammates in order to keep them from interfering, some accepted and some did not. Chatillon kidnapped her and took her to a hellish area in the subbasements of the LNHQ, but Lilly came to her rescue along with Speed Richardson, and together they set her free. After this, she and Lilly were finally able to admit their feelings for each other.

After NHOP

In time, she lost or gave up the Mystic Lunchbox and left the LNH, supporting Lilly through cancer. While no longer a net.hero, she aided Master Blaster in recovering from a severe injury as a physical therapist, so he could defeat Ven-Dorr. She and Lilly are still happily together.[2]

<Lunchbox Lass II>


Appears cold and formal, even callous, but inwardly more caring. Has a wicked sense of humor that comes through sometimes. Projects confidence she doesn't always feel. For a long time was consumed by grief over her husband's death. Pushes people away for fear they'll get hurt, and believed for a long time that she was incapable of love. In fact, she was just a lesbian.

Powers and Abilities

Michette possesses a mystic lunchbox, originally created to imprison the Terrible Ones, which can create any kind of sandwich she wants, which she summons by saying the words "I'm hungry!" It glows with supernatural light when opened. Creating a large number of sandwiches puts a potentially life-threatening strain on her. In desperate circumstances, the lunchbox can also create a lightning bolt capable of incinerating people.

Michette also has fighting skills she learned from her late husband.


Slim brunette with wide hazel eyes. Has soft and slightly chubby cheeks and a soft little button nose.

Has a noticeable French accent but does not speak in stereotypical French Claremontisms, thank you very much.


Had a husband, now dead.

Among her few friends is Kid Quickly-Irritated-By-Others, who she was kind of attracted to but wasn't ready to approach because she was still grieving for her husband. She realized her love for him only when it was too late.

Later, developed an intimate friendship with Lilly Paschall, and admitted her love for her when it was almost but not quite too late.



  1. The killer was later exploded by a cosmically-powered Comics Snob Boy.
  2. The events of this story were pretty much the peak of 2000s-era edgelord humor on RACC, to an extent that WikiBoy questioned whether this story happened at the end. Still, something like it likely did in broad strokes, and it's a thematically fitting place to leave Michette and Lilly in.