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Comics Snob Boy is a net.hero created by Maurice Beyke.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Comics-Snob-Boy
Primary Writer: Maurice Beyke
Status: Deceased
Usability: Reserved


Comics Snob Boy was one of the many net.heroes who showed up out of nowhere during the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, joining in the fight against Manga Man by disdainfully questioning the depth of the events around him. In response, Manga Man punched him into tiny pieces, but the Dorfs captured his still-living brain as a part of a plan to blackmail Earth with snob-waves. (This was resolved off-screen, presumably employing the kinds of unrealistic brain-transplant tropes CSB hated.)

During The Comics Connection, Comics Snob Boy was transported into another dimension, along with other LNHers whose powers revolved around the comic book medium. There, the beings behind the kidnappings tempted him, promising to turn the Legion of Net.Heroes into the Legion of.People Who Have To Realistically Cope With Their Powers Just Like In Watchmen. He used the power of comics against them, but when the true mastermind, RAClipso, revealed himself, CSB fought back and was cut down. Sing-Along Lass managed to rescue everyone, bringing them back to life, but CSB committed suicide because of his betrayal of the Legion (and also because he thought the whole "back to life" thing was a cheap, Marvel-ish move).

Due to authorial uncertainty as to whether this second death "counted", Comics Snob Boy continued to show up every so often in stories. This was revealed in Tales of the LNH #292 to actually be Comics Snob Boy II.

Years later, Baby Pain resurrected CSB, still infused with RAClipso's power, to defeat the Legion. The cosmically-powered CSB ended up exploding her along with a number of other LNHers and their enemies. But Cheesecake-Eater Lad defeated him by drawing on the power of the Pastry, a cheesy plot element left over from a Star Wars parody, and Kid Quickly-Irritated-By-Others's personal epiphany helped CSB come to terms with himself. Cleansed of RAClipso's power, he asked to rejoin the Legion... and then his head exploded. Whether he would have judged this an appropriate ending or cheap irony, we'll never know.

Years after that, Poignant Death Lass, Painful Pun Person, Cynical Lass, Doug Moran and Irony Man visited Comics Snob Boy's room in search of the Dorfs' weakness. Despite the physical evidence being destroyed, Poignant Death Lass channeled CSB's spirit to reveal the truth – their weakness to strong emotions other than their continual rage. Thus did Comics Snob Boy get revenge on the Dorfs who had stolen his power and put him into a cheesy plot so long ago.


  How *DARE* you read anything other than Cerebus, Love And Rockets, or anything done by Alan Moore? Now I must wallow in pathos for 14 issues to show you the error of your ways (since,of course, I can't just start a *fight*, oh heavens no!)
Original LNH Roster

Snobbish, supercilious, and aggressive about his tastes – but a good teammate.

Powers and Abilities

Able to draw foes into fights by insulting their taste. May have been able to emit snob-waves.


Not described.