Tower of Song

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Located in the depths of outer space, the awe-inspiring Tower of Song is where the Gravelly-Voiced God makes his home. Reality itsef is said to be tied to the Tower, giving the one who sat on its throne unimaginable power.

Kid Quickly-Irritated-By-Others and his allies traveled there to petition the Gravelly-Voiced God's aid to stop the Intergalactic Union of Good-Guys Opposed to Non-Good-Guys from exterminating the Bhigghrehenghuyhs. They were horrified to find it had been taken over by an Idolon of Britney Spears.[1] After going on a quest they freed it from her dominion, only to find that the whole thing had been arranged by the future Doctor Willy, who was using the Tower to transport the Bhigghrehenghuyhsian invasion force to Earth!

The Tower stands on a yet-unknown planet near the Vast Ocean of Porcelain which, ah, never mind.


  1. Or it might have been Slickshiver