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Slickshiver is a dark yet lovely Net.God created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Former agent of Topphorti, now free agent in the Classic Looniverse
Usability: Free For Use


Long ago, one of the lowliest of the lowlies in the pits of Topphorti was chosen, and raised up to become one of Flipseid's Club Bangers, elite and merciless shock troops. But he found promise in this one, and promised to bestow glamour, glory, and the validation that had been craved for so long. So she handed over her soul on a silver platter, and became Slickshiver, representative of surface-without-substance, everything she'd been told to desire but with an unfillable emptiness within.

But then, in battle, the TheyMightBePowers were unleashed upon her, and something sealed away in the darkness was re-awakened. The feeling, the meaning – the fact that Flipseid's glory was just another shitty job. So she ran, and was pursued; and in a club on the Loonivearth, met Victoria Arden, who reached out and bought her an arm's length of precious freedom. And she danced, and they all danced the night away...


Once, aggressive, speaking in a parody of seductiveness, but focused on destruction. Now, shifting, finding a new equilibrium...

Powers and Abilities

Slickshiver has incredibly, conceptually sharp edges, capable of slicing even through energy constructs, and can project psychic pain blasts. She can survive in and travel through space at superluminal speeds, and is resistant to energy attacks. However, she seems vulnerable to abilities based in more complex types of music, including cheerful pop.


A strange, unearthly beauty that's difficult to pin down the details of.

Before, she looked like a flat, undulating humanoid shape, whose surface was an exaggerated version of mainstream media's idea of female attractiveness - specifically, a blond, tanned white girl in skimpy clothing. Her fingers trailed off into knives.


In Journey Into Irrelevancy #16, the heroes encountered an apparent Idolon of Britney Spears who had taken over the Tower of Song. This may in fact have been Slickshiver.