Shi'tar Empire

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The Shi'tar Empire[1] were a powerful alien empire that threatened the world of the Bhigghrehenghuyhs. They faced off against that world's defenders and two LNHers summoned to aid them, Kid Quickly-Irritated-By-Others and Lunchbox Lass, who defeated them pretty easily because, as it turns out, humans and Bhigghrehenghuyhs are much bigger than they are. But it turned out this was actually their home planet, which the Bhigghrehenghuyhs had been babysitting while the Shi'tar were off on a space war and refused to give back.

The LNHers went on a quest to find the Gravelly-Voiced God to save the Bhigghrehenghuyhs from execution. They crashlanded on the Vast Ocean of Porcelain, which is uh, a giant space toilet, which the Shi'tar also owned. (It's a timeshare). They captured Kid Quickly-Irritated-By-Others and forced him to fight in an arena, naturally enough, but he broke free, also naturally enough.

They are part of the Intergalactic Union of Good-Guys Opposed to Non-Good-Guys.

Fly around in miniature toilet-like spaceships.


  1. The "ar" is silent.