Dennis William Marker

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Dennis William Marker is a man who did a terrible thing created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Seeking redemption
Usability: Not Reserved


Dennis William Marker was a lowly camera tech who worked on adult films, a man whose ambition to make real art went beyond his station in life. Perhaps this was what drove him to seek power through the supernatural. Fascinated and horrified by playing with demonic powers, Dennis... sinned. He summoned the Terrible Ones, who imprisoned the soul of his wife Wendy[1] and made a deal to heal her in exchange for his bringing them to the LNHQ to steal the mystic lunchbox of Michette Duclos that kept them sealed.

Michette's friends found the porn star Arlie Fertulus, who'd worked with Dennis, and she helped them track him down. They recovered the lunchbox from the labryinth of the Terrible Ones in spite of his sending demonic servitors, even signing away his own soul.

Tyler Bridge forced Dennis to confront his own hypocrisy and cure Michette, but when Gary Niceguy's impetuous attempt to play hero lead to Wendy's death, he refused. Gary then offered his own life in Michette's place. Dennis chose instead to forgive him, allowing them both a chance at redemption even if they didn't deserve it. He cured Michette and, as per the deal he made with Gary, walked away.

In fact, he had already died, his soul forfeit the moment he had summoned the Ram. But he stuck around the mortal plane long enough to aid Lilly Paschall in her own quest to save Michette, directing her to Chatillon's hiding place.


Obsessed with guilt, he despised himself while idolizing his wife. He melodramatically hated himself for descending into evil, which just drove him fruther. But Arlie, who knew him better than most, said that he really did care about people.

Powers and Abilities

Good at summoning demons, not particularly good at controlling them. Also a skilled director.


A young man with a face that did not belong to him stood before the headquarters of the LNH. The face had thick eyebrows and thicker lines above the eyebrows that were scrunched up with purpose; the face's square jaw was locked in a grimace of disdain; weighty matters seemed to drain all the colour out of his blue eyes. No, this was not the face of a young man. This was the face of an old man, a face burdened by responsibility, purpose, and consequences.
This was the face of a man about to do a terrible thing.
Net.heroes on Parade #1



  1. Known as Adreanna in the unrevised version of Net.heroes on Parade.