Fearless Leader (Classic)

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Fearless Leader is a net.hero created by Dave Van Domelen. See also Fearless Leader (20).
Alter Ego: Felix Landers
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member and occasional leader of the LNH (Classic Team), former leader of the LNH of Looniverse-AD
Usability: Free For Use


On the Earth of Looniverse-AD, Felix Landers was assigned as military liaison to a disordered, leaderless Legion. He quickly became their leader during an attack by Flipseid and the ravenous New Mods of Topphorti – a confrontation that ended in a win by the LNH, as they summoned the heroic New Mods of New Collins to aid them.

But Flipseid, in defeat, laid a curse upon them, that one of them could have prevented their doom, but did not. And years later, Fearless Leader made the reasonable decision to ask Rotanna to come back to the Legion after leaving Dvandom Force... resulting in Mister Gain's plot to destroy the world with Spham succeeding. Fearless Leader entered an experimental time machine to try to stop the destruction before it started, but ended up stranded in Looniverse-A.

It took him time to recover from the death of his world, but he threw himself into becoming a useful member of the LNH, trying to make up for past failures. He quickly became field leader and second-in-command.

After Flipseid sent OMAR to attack Net.ropolis during Flame Wars IV, Fearless Leader, full of rage at the being who had caused tragedy among so many worlds, sent a strike team to Topphorti in response. But Flipseid's Discomega Effect sent the entire team to Limbo, erased from everyone's memory including FL's.

During Beige Countdown, when the Ultimate Ninja had to step down, he created a leadership triumvirate composed of Fearless Leader, Catalyst Lass and Irony Man. Felix and Irony Man clashed often, coming on very different places on how to stop the cosmic threat of the Bryttle Brothers, with Felix determined not to see another world and another Legion die, all while struggling with his complex relationship with Ripping Dancer. When Beige Midnight came around, he organized The Resistance against Hex Luthor, and through all the stress and cosmic chaos, kept pushing, fighting, to keep his adopted team safe.

After UN was reinstated as leader, Felix returned to his position as second-in-command, and after WikiLull, became Co-Deputy Leader of the LNH alongside Catalyst Lass and Cheesecake-Eater Lad. After a trip to Earth-20, he fell into a relationship with his own counterpart from that world.


Takes his duties seriously, no matter how silly they tend to be, and carries them out as best he can. This often results in him being the straight man to the Legion's silliness. Still carries survivor's guilt over his Looniverse.

Powers and Abilities

Master strategist. People tend to follow his lead. Trained in many fighting styles.


From Dave Van Domelen's art site: As seen in Stranger Tales #3-6, leader of the LNH from an alternate, wReamless, reality. 1/12/96

Wears a green-and-brown uniform patterned after US Special Forces, but with net.hero elements added. Wore a mask in his original world, but abandoned it when he came to the Looniverse.


For a time, he was romantically involved with Ripping Dancer.

Has a close relationship with Forsaken Lass, due to their shared trauma; feels responsible for sending her on the mission that erased her history.

Seems to have fallen into some kind of romantic and/or sexual relationship with the Fearless Leader of Earth-20.

Other alternate versions of him include Careless Whisper of the Oddball Legion.