Doctor Net.ropolis

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Dr. Vivian Net.ropolis is a mad scientist created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Unknown
Usability: Reserved


Dr. Vivian Net.ropolis was a highly intelligent student at the Super Pseudo-Science Institute. She had been mentored by Doctor Stomper, but they had a falling out. She was later employed by the Mister Paprika Company and worked on the reality-bending scheme known as the Omaha Project. Depressed by using all of her talents to make others rich, she attempted to commit suicide by throwing herself into the Reality Crack that was the basis of the Omaha Project. It turned out this crack was a tear in the Fifth Wall; when she entered, she gained insight into how the Looniverse works, and came up with the idea to build the Mechanical Author to change it into a better place.

She quit her job with the Mr. Paprika Company, spending the next four years building the resources she needed and finding a team of super-powered individuals that she would call the Saviors of the Net. The purpose of the Saviors was to distract the LNH, to keep them from stopping her from creating the Mechanical Author.

As Dr. Netropolis was about to press the button to bring the Mechanical Author to life, both the LNH and the Saviors, having learned about the plot, tried to stop her. The Ultimate Savior managed to convince her to not push the button, but the Mechanical Author retroactively set into motion a series of events that caused her to push it by accident. After the Mechanical Author retconned reality, she managed to hide herself and attempted to build a machine to stop it. The Mechanical Author sent the LNH to stop her, and she managed to convince them and the two remaining Saviors to join together to bring it down.

During the battle with the Mechanical Author, the Mechanical Author caused Dr. Net.ropolis to have a stroke and sent her into a coma. She appeared to die a couple of weeks later, but the Gothic Gorilla knew the truth of what happened to her. The rest of the world and her Savior teammates believe she is dead. It is unknown whether Gothic Gorilla passed this knowledge on to anyone before his own death.


Altruistic and committed to the causes she serves, sometimes dangerously so.

Powers and Abilities

Doctor Net.ropolis is a brilliant scientist on the same level as Doctor Stomper, specializing in the nature of Looniversal reality.


A woman with short dark hair, glasses, and a white lab coat.