Fifth Wall

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The Fifth Wall is a mysterious cosmological phenomenon investigated by Pister Maprika's Omaha Project, including Doctor Net.ropolis. Just as the Fourth Wall divides the Looniverse from the Real World (or at least Real World Minus One), and the First through Third Walls divide the LNH from "lower" fictional realities (such as that of the Teenage Disco Vampire Barbershop Quartet Net.Force), the Fifth Wall presumably divides the Real World from a "higher" level of reality. Dr. Net.ropolis, despairing at the Mister Paprika Company's use of her knowledge for profit, threw herself into the crack in the Fifth Wall she'd created and returned with knowledge of the nature of Looniversal reality, which inspired her to build the Mechanical Author.

On the other side of the Fifth Wall, [DATA EXPUNGED].