Saviors of the Net (Classic)

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The Saviors of the Net were a team, the stars and antagonists of the eponymous cascade. They were a mix of false heroes, false villains, strange bedfellows and, in the end, true saviors.


During the original cascade, their membership shuffled as a result of repeated retcons and reality manipulations, but the roster included:


A new incarnation of the Saviors was organized during Beige Midnight by Mister Nasty, who was disguised as the Ultimate Savior. He brought together surviving members alongside new versions of old members, controlling them using Freedom Chips, and sent them against Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature Man and Gothic Gorilla. VDSCM, however, beat them all up and sealed them away in a killfile for the duration.

The alternate-future Saviors of the Net from LNH2 were inspired by this group.

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