Retcon RACCoon

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Retcon RACCoon is a raccoon created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: Not applicable
Aliases: Retcon Raccoon
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Highly uncertain, due to the nature of his powers, but probably a former and/or current member of the Saviors of the Net
Usability: Not Reserved


Retcon RACCoon was a perfectly ordinary raccoon from Real World Minus One, dragged into the Looniverse by Doctor Net.ropolis as part of her experiments into the nature of Looniversal reality. In the Looniverse, he developed near-godlike powers over reality and part of Dr. Net.ropolis's Saviors of the Net team. But he rebelled against her control, and decided to use his retcon powers to warp the world for his own amusement, which got him into a retcon edit war with Retcon Lad and other LNHers. In the end, his own teammates managed to stop him.

Later, he joined with his teammates to battle the Mechanical Author. Afterward, he returned to his home dimension for a time.

At some point the Saviors re-formed, and Retcon RACCoon may or may not have rejoined them (or both). He turned up again in Beige Midnight with a Freedom Chip in his head and was a part of Hex Luthor's Freedom Chipper LNH, but was secretly controlled by Mister Nasty, who sent him against his former teammates Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature Man and Gothic Gorilla.


Well, he's a raccoon. Initially he displayed an intelligence no greater than that of a normal animal, but it expanded over the course of his time in the Looniverse, to the point that, during the final battle, he was capable of reasoning with Arthur E.L. Presence.

Powers and Abilities

He posesses tremendous powers over retcons.


A normal-sized raccoon floating in the air. Depending on the current state of reality, may be wearing a purple derby and a black vest with two red monogrammed Rs.