Arthur E.L. Presence

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Arthur E.L. Presence is a metafictional assassin created by Steven Howard.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Active assassin
Usability: Not Reserved


Created by Doctor Net.ropolis as a prototype for her Mechanical Author, he was brought to life by the Mechanical Author to be used as a pawn. After the Mechanical Author was defeated, he devoted his life to being a freelance assassin, including going into (one version of) Real World Minus One and trying to assassinate Deja Dude.

During Beige Countdown, he joined up with Mynabird's Legion of Net.Villains, and accompanied them on their quest to free the galaxy's grandest criminals from the Ultimate Black Hole.


Jaded; constantly trying to find some way to break the ennui.

Powers and Abilities

Some level of Authorial reality-editing power and awareness of the Fourth Wall.


Seems vaguely familiar.