Mood Arrow

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Mood Arrow is a net.hero created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: Dave [last name unknown]
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Former member of the Saviors of the Net
Usability: Free For Use


The Mood Arrow seems to have been an active net.hero since before the LNH existed, and was called to battle General Jarrek by Captain LNH. He never seems to have joined the LNH proper, possibly because of the mass memory-wipe that happened at the end of that mission.

Publication-order-wise, Mood Arrow's first appearance was as a member of the Saviors of the Net, having joined for reasons that were never revealed and probably would have been changed anyway with the repeated retcons that centered around the team. (It's likely that these retcons were what extended his career out into the past.)

After the battle with the Mechanical Author, he quit the team and embarked on a solo career, which was not terribly successful. Before long, he was reduced to using his powers as a matchmaker. Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature Man came to his aid in in his own series, where they teamed up to investigate the nature of the Looniverse's metafictional reality and understand why they seemed to go out of existence when they weren't appearing in stories; the outcome of this investigation is unknown.

Later on he got back into the vigilante groove and started dating a woman named Sheila (who was a former net.hero).

Some time later he joined a new incarnation of the Saviors. During Beige Midnight, he had a Freedom Chip in his head and was a part of Hex Luthor's Freedom Chipper LNH, but was secretly controlled by Mister Nasty, who used him against his former teammates Gothic Gorilla and VDSCM.


He seemed to be the most human and grounded of the Saviors, not that that's saying a whole lot. Really wants to be a hero but is often held back by his failures. Arthur Spitzer suggested that "he's a junkie addicted to joy and ecstasy arrows."

Powers and Abilities

A highly skilled archer who shoots colorful arrows that can change people's moods. He also seems to have developed the ability to sense other peoples' emotions at some point.


A bearded man wearing a rainbow-colored cloak. On his back, he wears a quiver of colorful arrows.